DEP Urges Pennsylvanians to Test Homes for Radon

Harrisburg, PA – The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) urges Pennsylvanians to test their homes for radon in January as part of national Radon Action Month. Colorless, odorless, and radioactive, radon is a known human carcinogen and the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.

The DEP website provides information and a video on how to test your home, the DEP Facebook and Twitter pages are sharing daily radon tips, and a DEP public service announcement is airing on TV and radio.

Radon occurs naturally from the breakdown of uranium in soil and rocks and enters homes through cracks in the foundation or other openings.

“Because of its geology, Pennsylvania is prone to high radon levels. Radon has been detected in all 67 counties, and about 40 percent of homes have levels above the Environmental Protection Agency action level,” said DEP Acting Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “It’s just good sense to protect yourself and your loved ones.”

The EPA action level is 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) of air. In October, a home in southern Lehigh County showed a radon level of 6,176 pCi/L, the highest recorded in the state. That area is near the Reading Prong, a geological section of granite rock that’s historically generated high levels of radon.

Winter is an ideal time to test, because doors and windows are generally closed, producing the most conservative results. High levels of radon tend to be found in basements, but the gas can be found anywhere in the home.

Simple radon test kits are inexpensive and available at home improvement and hardware stores. You can also hire a qualified radon professional.

If your home has a radon level higher than 4 pCi/L, the U.S. Surgeon General and EPA recommend taking action. A professionally installed radon reduction system, using a vent pipe and exhaust fan, will help prevent the radon from entering your home and discharge it outside. Compared with the associated risk of lung cancer, these systems are very affordable, generally in the price range of other common home improvements. An added benefit: having a radon reduction system makes the future sale of your home easier. 

Pennsylvania law requires all professional radon testers, mitigators and laboratories to be certified by DEP, and the department provides a list of certified radon service providers. People can also obtain a hard copy or verify a company’s certification by calling 800-23RADON (800-237-2366).

If you’re building a new home, DEP recommends installing a passive radon system during construction. There is no reliable way to test the ground in advance for radon, and the cost of installing the radon system during construction should be less than installing one after the fact.

For people buying or selling a home, Pennsylvania’s Real Estate Seller Disclosure Act requires sellers to disclose the results of any known radon testing. The DEP website lists radon testing options for real estate transactions.

The DEP Radon Division may be contacted by email at or by phone at (800) 237-2366 or (717) 783-3594.

Make 2017 a safer, healthier year. Test your home for radon, and share this information with your friends and neighbors.

MEDIA CONTACT: Deborah Klenotic, (717) 787-1323


Stormwater pollution threatens our rivers, streams, and wetlands. Stormwater picks up debris, chemicals, dirt, manure and other pollutants as it flows over surfaces. We rely on our rivers and streams for drinking, recreation and to support wildlife. YOU CAN HELP! Take these simple steps to prevent stormwater pollution:

-Remember, only rain goes down the drain. Do not dump anything sown storm strains and keep them clear of debris.

-Wash your car over your lawn or gravel. -Minimize your use of lawn and garden chemicals.

-Minimize the use of salt-melt.

-Install a rain barrel or cistern to capture roof runoff.

-Clean up trash and yard clipping.

For more ideas, visit DEP's website at


The draft York County 2016 Heritage Preservation Plan is now open to public review and comment. This Plan will become a component of the York County Comprehensive Plan upon adoption, and will be the first element of the County Comprehensive Plan dedicated to heritage resources and preservation. This draft York County 2016 Heritage Preservation Plan was prepared by the staff of the York County Planning Commission (YCPC), in cooperation with a Steering Committee composed of individuals with at wide range of experience in the fields of history, preservation, tourism and community outreach and education. Click here for a one-page summary of the plan. This is a 45 day review period. Comments must be received by August 5, 2016 and should;d be directed to the YOrk County Planning Commission (YCPC). Please summit written comments or questions to the attention of Amy Evans, YCPC, 28 East Market Street, York, PA 17401 or via email ( A public meeting to provide an overview of the Plan and receive comment is scheduled for 6:00 pm on Tuesday, July 26th, at the York County Emergency Services Center, 120 Davies Dr., York, PA 17402. All are welcomed and encouraged to attend. _______________________________________________________________________________________

Projects in Dillsburg Borough that are planned in the next four years. For more information click here. _______________________________________________________________________________________

County-wide Mosquito Surveillance Starting in York County for 2016
 Penn State Extension – York County West Nile Virus Program is starting county-wide mosquito surveillance for the 2016 season.  During the 2015 season mosquito trapping in York County collected over 140,000 adult mosquitoes and included 27 different species.  For 2015, mosquito populations increased 90% in York County compared to the 2014 mosquito season. The most common sources of high mosquito populations in residential areas continue to be from trash and yard clutter.  Residents, businesses and municipalities can greatly reduce mosquito concerns and health risk by cleaning up their own property and local community.
 Fifteen years of surveillance in York County indicates that the most common mosquito species in residential areas; the House Mosquito (Cullen spp.) and the Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus); are produced primarily from artificial containers left behind by humans.  Artificial containers can be something small like a bottle cap to sometimes as large as a swimming pool with shallow water.  Additional containers such as tires, buckets, tarps and roadside trash are preferred by mosquitoes because other predators found in nature that would prey on mosquito larvae are not present.  During periods of drought these containers continue to hold water and produce mosquitoes.  One bucket or tire in someone’s backyard can produce hundreds to thousands of mosquitoes in a year.   
We also want to remind residents, municipalities and police departments that mosquito traps are not to be confused for explosive devises.  Traps are routinely placed throughout York County from April through October to monitor mosquito populations.  Traps are labeled with contact information.  A flyer is attached with images showing what mosquito traps look like.
York County residents are being asked to report mosquito concerns through the Pennsylvania West Nile Virus website .  Doing so will better assist our program to document areas of concern. 
 For information about West Nile Virus symptoms in humans, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Health at 1-877-PA-Health. 
 Penn State is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity, and the diversity of its workforce.


For more information on Electronic Recycling issues in Pennsylvania click on the following website at You will find information on where and how to get rid of your electronics.


A Notice from the York Social Security Administration Office located at 2670 Industrial Highway, Suite 2, York, PA 17402.

People can now file for Retirements, Spouse';s, Medicare or Disability benefits online, or they can request a statement of their benefits or request a replacement Medicare card among several other services. Here is out link:



APPRISE is the State Health Insurance Assistance Program which provides counseling for people with Medicare in Pennsylvania. Locally this program is offered by the York COunty Area Agency on Aging. APPRISE counselors are specially trained volunteers. The can answer questions about Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, Medicare Advantage plans and the prescription drug program. Visit the website at and follow the 'Health Insurance' link or go to the 'Calendar of Events' for APPRISE counseling sites. To schedule an appointment for one-on-one counseling call the APPRISE Help Desk at 717-771-9008 or 1-800-632-9073.



The Rent-A-Kid program,sponsored by the York County Area on Aging (YCAAA), is a unique, intergenerational program bring older adults and youth together. York County residents, 60 years of age or older, who need help with various indoor and outdoor chores and other odd jobs are matched with youth in their area who can assist. The recommended payment is $5.00 per hour, or a negotiated rate based upon the job. Don't wait - arrange for help BEFORE you need it! Call 717-771-9103 or 1-800-632-9073 for information on Tent-A-Kid participants in your area.



Criteria for Appeals of Flood Insurance Rate Maps


2013 Water Quality Report click here


The Dillsburg Borough has preliminary copies of the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report for York County, Pennsylvania available. The Department of Homeland Security;s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has posted digital copies of the revised FIRM, FIS report and supporting database on the following page of the MAp Service Center:


Rep. Mike Regan (R-York/Cumberland) said today he is partnering with the American Legion-Department of Pennsylvania to offer assistance on a variety of issues in his district offices in Etters and Dillsburg beginning in June. Flyer
“I am honored to join with the American Legion-Department of Pennsylvania to aid our veterans in the 92nd Legislative District,” said Regan. “In addition, we are fortunate to have the assistance of Randy Nosal, a department service officer, to help with benefits and program explanation. Randy is a former combat medic who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and was awarded a Purple Heart for wounds received in the line of duty. His service to our nation is invaluable and he will bring a lot of help to our veterans.”
Regan said Nosal will be in the Newberry Township Building Satellite Office on the second Tuesday of the month beginning June 11, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. In addition, Nosal will be in the full-time district office at Dillsburg on the third Tuesday of the month beginning June 18, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Some of the issues that Nosal will be able to help with are:

For more information, please call the district office at 1 E. Harrisburg St. in Dillsburg at (717) 432-0792. Regan’s website is at, and he is also on Facebook at


Canine Rescue of Central Pa is recruiting volunteers to help with daily operations at our kennel in Dillsburg.  We are looking for people to help clean the kennel, feed the dogs, and walk the dogs. For more details visit, call 232-1644, or contact Linda Bourinski at


Dispose of your unwanted medications properly!  Carroll Township Police Department has received a MedReturn box will be located in the hallway between the police department and the Township side of the building.  Please bring all your old or unused medications to the box so that they can be dispose of properly.  This service will be available during regular business hours at the Carroll Township building.  Call 432-4951 with any questions. Accepted items: prescriptions, prescription solid or liquid medications, prescription patches, prescription ointments, inhalers, over the counter medication, vitamins, samples and medication for pets. Not accepted: thermometers, hydrogen peroxide, aerosol cans, personal care products in the form of non-prescription ointments, liquids or lotions, medications from businesses or clinics, needles (sharps), bloody or infectious waste and hazardous waste.


Dillsburg Community Park

Dillsburg Borough is excited over the possibility of building the town’s first community park. This year, the Borough plans to seek funding assistance from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resource’s Community Conservation Partnership Program for the purchase of the park land.  Property owner, Hershey Command LLC, plans to sell 5.5 acres of land to the Borough for the appraised value of $500,000.  The future site of the Dillsburg Community Park is located on South Chestnut Street in Dillsburg Borough, across from the Dillsburg Elementary School and situated near several residential developments on Chestnut Street including: Chestnut Hollow, Autumn Woods, Windy Heights and Ironwood.  Over 1,000 residents live adjacent to the proposed park lands.

The project is set to happen in multiple phases. The first of which is land acquisition. Future development phases of the park may include large and small dog park areas, connecting walking paths, parking lot, playground facilities, community swimming pool, restroom facilities and community services building.

Borough Officials are convinced that the park project is a true opportunity because, Hershey Command LLC has chosen to partner with the Borough to build a “much needed” community asset. Hershey Command has also pledged its services and equipment for site grading, etc. worth over an estimated $100,000. If the Borough does not ultimately acquire the land, Hershey Command LLC will develop it residentially.

The Community is urged to show support by participating in future fundraising campaign initiatives to help build the Dillsburg Community Park. Anyone having questions about, interested in assisting with or wishing to support the park project can call Dillsburg Borough Manager Deibler at717-432-9969 for more details.


Highmark Caring Place - A Center for Grieving Children ,Adolescents and their families: One out of 20 children will have a parent die before they graduate from high school. These children need help and support. The Highmark Caring Place is a safe place where grieving children and their families can come together and be with others who understands what they're going through. The Highmark Caring Place provides peer support groups, referral services, adult telephone support, and educational programs and resources for grieving children and families. Consultation services, educational presentations and resources are available for schools and other professionals in the community who work with children. All services are offered at no charge. The Highmark Caring Place operates four facilities, throughout Pennsylvania. Since the opening of the Caring Place in 1997, the program has served more than 60,000 family and community members. Fore more information about the Highmark Caring Place, contact 1-866-613-HOPE (4673) or visit the web site at


New Hope Ministries' Volunteer Opportunities:


Unused prescription and over-the-counter medications can be safely processed at the York County Resource Recovery Center (RRC).  The RRC is a waste-to-energy facility that burns waste in enclosed, environmentally controlled combustion units.  Processing medication in a waste-to-energy facility reduces it to an inert ash and helps produce green power.  Medications can be managed in two ways:
· Place in your regular garbage. To minimize potential impacts to human health and the environment, take medication out of its original container and mix it with and undesirable substance, such as coffee grounds or kitty litter.  The medication will be less appealing to children and pets, and unrecognizable to people who may intentionally go through your trash.  Put it in a sealable bag, empty can, or other container to prevent the medication from leaking or breaking out of a garbage bag.  Before disposing of a medicine container, scratch out all identifying information to make it unreadable.  This will help to protect your identity and the privacy of your personal health information.
· Make an appointment to deliver your unused prescription medications to the RRC for FREE.  York County residents (single household) may opt to deliver their unused prescription medications directly to the RRC if they don’t wish to place them out with the regular garbage. There is NO FEE to dispose of unused prescription medications.  Only prescription (no over-the-counter_ medications are accepted in this program.  Residents must call 717-845-1066 to make an appointment to deliver prescription medications to the RRC.  Residents should call in advance (please allow one to two week's notice) to schedule their disposal date.  The disposal process will take approximately 20 minutes.  Residents are required to complete a brief registration form and will be escorted into the RRC by an Authority representative to dispose of the medications.  Medications must come from a single household.  Medications collected from multiple households can’t be accepted.
Other Tips:

· The FDA recommends flushing certain unused medications due to safety risk.  To learn more, visit:

· Do not give your medication to anyone else or take a prescription that wasn’t prescribed for you.

For more information contact the York County Solid Waste Authority: 717-845-1066 or visit


Attention York County Seniors: Come and join us for lunch Monday through Friday and learn of our activities while making new friends. Call 717-432-2216 by 9 AM the day before you plan to attend to reserve a seat at the Dillsburg Senior Activity Center, 1 North Second Street, Dillsburg, PA 17019.


Participate in a Survey to Help Update Historic Preservation Plan: The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMA) is conducting a survey to update its historic preservation plan. Public responses to the survey will help PHMC prepare Pennsylvania's Statewide Historic Preservation plan for 2012-2017. To take the survey, visit The goal of this survey os for the public to inform the Pennsylvania's State Historic Preservation Office of what they value in their community in order to determine the preservation priorities of people who live and work in the Commonwealth. For more information or hard copy questionnaires, visit PHMS's website at


The Dillsburg Library is in need of the following for recycling: working or non working, with or without accessories but accessories preferred IPOD's, GPS units, Laptops, Cell phones, Ink cartridges and Toner cartridges. Bring these items to the Dillsburg lIbrary during normal business hours. Money raised is used to support Library operations and together we help to recycle ana make Dillsburg a better place to live.


As part of the data collection effort in the Route 15 Study, we need to hear from people who travel on Route 15 between Carroll Drive, York County and South Ridge Road, Adams County.    Please take the travel survey for Route 15 at “Take the survey” at the link below.



The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently announced several workshops designed to help small and medium-sized businesses improve their energy efficiency and save money.
- The workshops will offer businesses information on energy supply options, illustrate how to identify energy cost-saving opportunities, and explain how to develop an energy plan.
- In addition, information about financial and technical resources for energy efficiency upgrades will be available. Registration for the workshops is free and sessions are open to the public.

For more information, including local dates and times, visit:


Pennsylvania homeowners are eligible for a special program aimed at improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Pennsylvania's Special Loan and Rebate Program for Energy Efficient Home Improvement provides both rebates and loans for homeowners upgrading their heating and cooling systems, windows and doors and insulation in their primary residences. For additional information and electronic applications, please visit Call State Rep. Perry's office at 432-0792 with any questions.


The York County Conservation District has Rainwater Barrels for sale:
60 gallon Barrel  $125.00
80 Gallon Barrel  $145.00
(tax is included in price) 
Call:  717-840-7430 for more information. 
Their web site is:


The Borough of Dillsburg has 175th Anniversary memorabilia items for sale at the Borough Office. We have t-shirts, books, magnets, wooden nickels, mugs, pins and posters. For cost information call the Borough Office at 432-9969.


Does your home need important repairs? York County's Home Improvement Program (HIP) may be your answer! The Home improvement Program (HIP) is administered by the Housing and Community Development Division of the York County Planning Commission. It is design to help income eligible resident homeowners in York County by providing financial and technical assistance to obtain necessary home repairs. The funds in the Home Improvement Program (HIP) are provided in the form of a loan with a deferred payment. To qualify, your property must have conditions defined as substandard by the local housing code or by the program's rehabilitation standards. The goal of the HIP is to help you bring your home into standard condition. To be eligible, your total household gross income must fall within the guidelines as follows: 1 person - $38,500; 2 persons - $44,000; 3 persons - $49,500, etc. For more information and to obtain an application, please call 717-771-9870.


York County Weatherization Program is a program to help people who have limited income lower their fuel bills, save energy and have more comfortable homes in the process. The work is done for those eligible Free of Charge! Who Qualifies? Any York County homeowner or tenant whose income falls below the following guidelines: 1 person - $21,660; 2 persons - $29,140; 3 persons - 36,620; add $7,480 for each additional person in household. For more information and an application, please call the York County Planning Commission at 717-771-9870 and ask for the Weatherization Program.


Since the 1950s, CPARC (Cumberland-Perry ARC) has been promoting the abilities of people with developmental disabilities and other special needs.   “We help people with special needs from Cumberland, Perry, Dauphin and York Counties to live and work in their communities; and we strive for their inclusion in social, recreational, and community activities of their choice.”  CPARC has two Licensed Adult Day Care Centers in our community.  Please call 975-9762 (Camp Hill location), or 245-0413 (Carlisle location) for more information.


To All Residents: Please do not park in the Ace Hardware (formerly M&W Hardware) parking lot or the St. Paul's Lutheran Church parking lot when attending baseball games at Wolf Field. Please park at the Dillsburg Elementary School. Cars may be towed for illegal parking.


The Dillsburg Borough is looking for a resident who is interested in serving his/her community as a representative of the Dillsburg Borough at YCPC/LGAC meetings.  The York County Planning Commission/Local Government Advisory Committee (YCPC/LGAC) Executive Subcommittee of York County consists of at least one representative from each municipal region in the County.  The primary responsibility of the Executive Committee is to review and comment on all planning-related projects handled by the York County Planning Commission.  Through this Committee local municipalities are provided with the opportunity to express their views on planning projects.  Meetings are held in York once a month.   Any Borough resident who is interested should contact Karen Deibler, Dillsburg Borough Manager, at 432-9969.  This is a great opportunity to make a real difference in your community.

Dillsburg Borough Manager, Karen Deibler, stated at the January 15, 2008 Council Meeting that the International Property Maintenance Code which the Borough adopted in 2001, will be enforced throughout the Borough. This will involve all properties, including residential, rental & commercial. The Borough Building Codes Enforcement Officer will be doing checks for compliance by observing properties as he travels throughout the Borough. Any violations noted will be documented and the property owner(s) will be notified in writing and given time to correct the problem. The International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) book is available for review at the Borough Office during normal business hours Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. The book is also available for purchase, the cost is $23.50. Please call 432-9969 with any questions.


The York County Solid Waste Authority's recent Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program netted 7.1 tons of household hazardous waste, with 213 vehicles participating in the program. The collection took place at the York County Solid Waste Authority Management Center and was offered to all York County residents. Gregg Pearson, Manager of the Authority's Recycling and Planning Division comments, "The program benefits York County by raising awareness of hazardous wastes found in the home and providing residents with an opportunity to divert household hazardous materials from the waste stream."

The Authority facilitates responsible solid waste management through an integrated strategy that emphasizes waste reduction, reuse, recycling and resource recovery. The Authority is the owner of the York County Resource Recovery Center in Manchester Township; and owns and operates a Yard Waste Transfer Facility, a Recyclable Material Drop-off Center, and an Education Center.


Will you be ready if an emergency or a disaster occurs? Visit to learn how to prepare for natural or man-made emergencies and disasters. For additional information: Call the York County Office of Emergency Management at 717-840-2990.


Lloyd and Barbara Eichelberger, founders of Lobar INC, received a Citation from the Dillsburg Borough for the company's 40th anniversary. (also shown Jeff Griffin, Holly Kelley and Mark Ryder)

Lloyd and Barbara Eichelberger